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Tailored perfectly for your child by Lowery's Designs & Sewing,

Sherri L. Lowery Owner, operator, designer, dressmaker. 334-774-7693

WOW, Vibrant, Glitz and Stunning!

Once a SW now a Dress, I like it better as a Dress! White skirt or Pink skirt just depends on which you like!

WhtLavBle1.JPG (26691 bytes)WhtLavBle4.JPG (52709 bytes)WhtLavBle3.JPG (44764 bytes)

White shell, lavender and light blue accents.  Click the thumbnails to enlarge for detail. In Store Dress, Design by Lisa Taylor, Made by The Pageant Place. Shoulder to waist 12", to V 18", Armpit to waist 5", to edge 8", 3/4 length sleeve, 20" waist.   Skirt is a little long, will sell with a new skirt or w/o a skirt.  Aprox size 4/5 For Sale Email Updated 10/31/12

White off the shoulder with aqua blue pantyhose pulls across shoulder and bows.  Wrap around detachable bustle, 2 piece for easy adjustments, super stretch lined and boned bodice, snap back.

Another Sweet Adorable & Dainty yet glitzy dress

Oh how sweet it is and loaded with her own personality. Our designs give you both the soft subtle look for those low glitz pageant systems as well as the detail glitz look to compete on the stage of the most highest Southern Glitz!  Soft pleated chiffon skirt, butterflies flutter around the neckline and everywhere you look there is a bow! Off the shoulder, yet very age appropriate. Just a touch of peach to be different from all the other yellows but not take away from the color. We added coral seed beads since pics above were taken.  Click on pics below to enlarge and show the detail. 

YlwPcStns1.jpg (821713 bytes)YlwPcStns2.jpg (979964 bytes)

Light Peachy, layers of droopies on the sleeves all set off with bows, diagonals are loaded with large marques, bodice and sleeves have pantyhose layers also.

Click the pictures below to enlarge the thumbnail

AquaCU2.JPG (20573 bytes)AquaCU1.JPG (25873 bytes)AquaCU.jpg (121570 bytes)

Sweet, Dainty and very elegant. Light Aqua Blue!  Very detail in the beading, several layers of ruffles all stoned but pics are hard to show the detail. AB and Aqua stones, flat backs and pointed backs. All Autstrian stones. Lace sleeves stoned in AB and aqua stones, each design set is also loaded with the tiny 6/3 marques and just a few small pearls in the center of each flower. Panty hose pulls from top center down to waist and into the back. Set with a small bow style "swag" bustle. The bow, neckline and all the ruffling are trimmed in a daisy trim with two daisies per inch set in 6 stones each, rivoltis and then twined with twisted cording that is also stoned. The three layer ruffle itself is loaded with 9 ss flatbacks all over the daisy per inch and along the edge, each daisy is also set with a 6x3 navette. Over 40 gross of stones in just the ruffle alone, that goes from around back of neck, down chest to waist, and wrists.  

Another California Hit! Design by Lisa Taylor, custom made by The Pageant Place.

WOW, looks similar to Sissy's...or does the Tiny Tot's look like hers, lol.  Yes we have done a few matching Sister's dresses yet changed them up to be age appropriate and match the personality of the child not the sister!

The Pageant Place Original (& a little touch of Lori)

Holds Many State Titles - Never Competed Nationally

Design By Lori Clark


From Simple to Elaborate, it can be done. Need a designer to design yours, maybe you have a designer, maybe you have something in mind already or maybe you don't know where to start. No matter what your desire, custom is the way to go. Tailored to fit the body and the personality of your child.