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This is a very simple dress compared to our normal line however as you can see from our variety, my clients expect this variety both in price and style.  No holds back on quality, this dress is fully lined and boned just as our others are.  The skirt is a less full than my normal due to many clients entering this age group and in certain pageant systems prefer the less fuller skirts.  So the choice is always yours.  

Lightly stoned, lace sleeves, pulled pantyhose and of course don't' forget the bows! Custom made by The Pageant Place. This sweet design is by Lisa Taylor

Shell, and decorated by The Pageant Place, stoned by "Mom"

Look what Mom did!  We did the complete shell, decorated it, set the broaches the bows and all the trimming, started her a stone pattern and she completed the stoning!  Good Job Mom!

We saved this owner some money too! We took her old dress, striped it, used all the appliqués and trim that we could and added to it along with some new updated things. We made her a complete new shell, new design, and saved money in the process! 

Oh my, a neckline as soft as the child's smile! Does your dress set off your daughters face the way the judges SHOULD see it? If not, let us know, the majority of these decorations came off her old dress. We made a complete new shell, stripped the old dress, made a few more decorations, a total new design and WHALAM! 

Nationally know now as "The Milk Carton Story"

Don't think you can't get the look of the others in the price you want to spend! We did everything on this design at a huge savings, can you tell what we did! Ask us for details! This one also, has recently had some additions, be on the look out for the updated pictures!

Yes Yes, two toned dresses are still a very popular item. Here is an example of a state/regional decorated bodice in yellow and white. A nice blend of each color and doesn't look like the one standing next to you! This soft array of lightly beaded apps, small pears and rosettes are still a little girls perfect combination. Styled in a way you can always add more to if you prefer to. Anything is possible with us, don't just assume you can't afford us, ask and see you may be quite surprised!

Same decorations, same boidce, same price, two looks...We give you the choice. Ask for pics, if you don't like, we will rearrange it to better suite your taste! This does take a little more time, and you must be able to see past the "pinning stage" but it sure does beat not liking what you get when we can change it before it's final!

You should see the stones on this one! It is loaded out, yet affordable as Mom did all the stoning! Custom made shell, design and decorated by The Pageant Place!

Very similar in style in the other pages but more affordably decorated. Notice the difference in the amount of stone work and the TYPE of stones used. Yet we managed to achieve the same type of look.

Stoning by Mom, Custom made & decorated by The Pageant Place. White with light baby pink accents, don't let the pictures fool you, this one is LOADED! More affordable prices as it was Stoned by Mom, inquire now!

Better pics soon! Rich lace sleeves at an affordable price! Stunning pained yellow sets off this very elegant style. I expect to see Mom adding stones to this one as we laid out the pattern for her to easily add to when needed and therefore keeping her cost to us as affordable as possible to get the quality and the look she desired! Oh- that is cotton in the bow, sorry, lol.

Off the shoulder style with large soft elegant bows and a full skrit to really give an hour glass figure for anyone who wears it. Open mid section to help slim problem areas by not drawing attention to them and concentration around the face. Heavily stoned and beaded appliqués but more affordable priced for larger sizes than bodices that are completely covered.

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Lowery's Designs & Sewing

Fourth Owner & still going strong, Still looks great!

Holds Many State Titles - Never Competed Nationally

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This sweet angel wanted that extra special dress for an extra special pageant, in an extra special color. This is phase 1 of Lori's original design because the pageant system it was being used  for doesn't really like the Lori Look as we all know it so we toned it down. However it can very easily be taken to it's full design. Design By Lori Clark, Seafoam Green Apr Sz 8

FOR SALE NOW Only Worn a couple Local Times-LM Peanut prelims, got great scores!

Look what you can do with old appliqué's! Everything is new with exception to the appliqués they were taken from another dress! Boy, what a savings it made!


From Simple to Elaborate, it can be done. Need a designer to design yours, maybe you have a designer, maybe you have something in mind already or maybe you don't know where to start. No matter what your desire, custom is the way to go. Tailored to fit the body and the personality of your child.