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Custom Shells & Bead Work

Yes, we can do just a skirt or bodice, full shell, bead your appliqués or even just dye your fabric! Be sure to browse all the way down to see what moms have done with the items they purchase from us.

Need A Skirt?


Prices will range from low to high end depending on fullness of skirt, length, style, type of material ect. Style IE- Standard, Southern, Cupcake, straight, layered ruffles or not (long), two toned, ect.  Color can be $25-50 extra in some cases. The prices are for Skirts ONLY and if you don't have an ordinary request it's best to call or email :). 

Size Skirt Length Price
0-24months 8-9" 250-300
2-4T 9-10" 250-300
4-6 10-12" 300-350
8-10+ 12-14" 350-400+
Teen Floor 300-400+

Well How about just a bodice (shoulder pads included if needed ,lol)

Bodices from The Pageant Place are lined, boned and top stitched.  You do not see our seams or boning, they are all on the inside of the lining so they don't scrub skin or look tacky.  We do allow grow room and you can move the snaps with ease, unless otherwise requested, they are made of heavy weight FOUR WAY Super-Stretch. This is the difference in OUR bodices and thier's.

Prices will range from low to high end depending on size and detail in extras. Color can be $25-50 extra in some cases. The prices are for Bodices ONLY with regular sheer, net or Super-stretch sleeve. Lace sleeve or ruffles may be extra. However, we have several new styles, off the shoulder, flared, fluted, off the shoulder with a flared waist, ect. Again, sorry for the repeat, if you don't have an ordinary request, it's best to call or email :).

Size Price
0-24months 125-150
2-4T 125-150
4-6 125-150
8-10+ 125-200
Teen 150-250

Or Do you need a Full Shell??

Prices will vary depending on skirt length, detailing and actual size. Any fancy materials such as lace ruffles or bustles may be extra. Custom dyeing is available.

Size Skirt Length Price
0-24months 8-9" 300-450
2-4T 9-10" 450-500
4-6 10-12" 450-500
8-10+ 12-14" 500-650
Teen Floor 600+

Yes Yes Yes, we do Sportswear Shells also! Now please excuse our model for this one, as he is a tad big for this shell unless you like the super duper diaper tight, lol! This one was actually not finished, it was going for a fitting, but as you can see in the picture, we do allow "let down room" in the jumpsuits as well as large seams to let out also, as they grow to avoid having to have a new SW made too soon.

Did your last design look as detailed as this? Did you know what to put where or what color to do? Did it give your price saving options? Did it give you fabric ideas, decoration samples or ribbon choices? Our designs are affordable priced from $50, $75 to $100. They can be a sketch of a shell design to as detailed as the one above. Pictures of your pride and joy are a major necessity in the perfect design, so be sure to send those!

Now that you have seen the shells, let's see what they did with them!

From these above to below after Mom got finished!

Mom Turned these decorated shells

Into these stage ready SW's!

She has been extremely busy with these three SW and two Dresses also!  Girls, I sure hope you kept the house clean while Mom worked sooooo hard

Yes, we can send pic with pins before final for your approval

Mom stoned all three of these, still awaiting pictures of the final results!

This one is a mastermind of many! Dress design and decorated by Toni Overby, shell by Mary Jo (her mom), all the beadwork design, stoning and pink custom dying by The Pageant Place!  See what a little bit of many can create for you!  Several time National Winner.  The dress is worn off the shoulder like the one below.

We made the shell and custom died all her supplies, apps,ect.  The design and beadwork were all done by client.  Not sure if still for sale.


Mom did a great job stoning this one.  We did the full shell, design, bows, broaches and all the decorating but the stones.  We started her a pattern and she finished it up. Not sure if still for sale.

Here is yet another example of a decorated shell all but the stones!  Mom did the skirt on this one but it's not shown, I added the one in pic to give example.  We did the bodice and all decorations and dying.

Custom Made skirt, custom die work and beading by The Pageant Place. Bodice by Mary Jo and Decorated by Toni Overby, several time National Winner!

One never knows where our work will show up! Custom designed and beaded appliqués by The Pageant Place to go with this national winning design. What good is a great turkey with out all the "trimmings"! SW Design and decorated by Toni, shell by Mary Jo!

Bodice, all die work & decorations by The Pageant Place, stoned by Mom and skirt by Rebecca Powell.

Shell, apps, ribbon and dying by The Pageant Place, stoned and decorated by "Mom"

Soft Bright Yellow, superstreach bodice, dotted net sleeves, georgette skirt and hip to hip under bodice style bustle. All three shells made by The Pageant Place, decorated and beaded by Lisa Reed

What a beautiful Peachy coral. Beaded and Decorated by Anna Travis


Custom Made shell & die work by THE PAGEANT PLACE Design by Lori Clark, Decorated by Anna Travis. This one is real a soft pink but scan makes it look lavender.. Apr Sz 7/8-8/10. Sheer sleeves, detachable chiffon skirt, tons of ab and crystal Austrian stones, ribbon work. Blast from the past, this one has been around and around, now back here to the shoppe! I will post some updated pictures soon, it is now on consignment here.  Email

Shells  By The Pageant Place, decorated and beaded by Sandy Brown

Custom Died Material by The pageant Place.  Made and Decorated by Debra Cantor

Custom Died Material and Trim for this FUN outfit! Credit goes to Mom for decorating, and not sure who made shell though, sorry.


Custom Died Material can range from $10-25 for a small job, 100-150 for larger jobs for an entire outfit and all the trimmings. Prices will vary greatly depending on color. We do sell some of the more popular materials for your convenience or you may send your own.

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