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Custom Pageant Sports Wears
Sherri L. Lowery Owner, operator, custom designer, pageant dressmaker.

Gingham is our specialty but there's a lot more to see!

National Level Custom Pageant Sportswear
Soft teal minty green and baby blue, perfect combination for this elegantly eye-catching sportswear! Design By Lisa Taylor, custom made by The Pageant Place! Fully lined dress style bodice, padded bows with dripping appliqué trim, stretch net sleeves, pulls and scarves. Yes Scarves, but you will have to see those in person to understand them, lol!

Talk about Sharp!

Oh yes, this black and white custom pageant sportswear really stands out!  Clean, brisk and very eye-catching!

Icy Blue & White

Soft & elegant custom pageant design

Yet another pageant swportswear design by Lisa Taylor and Custom Made by The Pageant Place.  Melon shell with hot pink accents.  Teen Size! Yes we do those too!

Wow look at that!  A fully loaded out SW with lots of detail, bows, ruffles, hat, gloves, shoes..guess what though, Mom saved lots of money! Ask us how or look through the site to see if you can guess! 

Another California Hottie!  Design by Lisa Taylor, made and decorated by The Pageant Place.  White and Icy Blue, crystal and aqua stones with clear bugle bead fringe!

Wow, stunning, sleek, elegant and classy, all wrapped up into one!  Loaded out in Crystal pointed backs, chunky stones, bows, crystal and black buttons, dainty lace and black trim. Fully lined jacket and bodice. 

Yes as you can see we DO do big girls SW also.  This one we completed everything but the stone work and MOM stoned her up.  This one has a long detachable scarf in back for modleing.

Click the smaller pics to enlarge the thumbnails.

Once a crowning top, now a SW! Hand latticed daisy trim bodice, soft georgette peplum for a very delicate look. Fully lined bodice, zipper back, peplum, matching head scarf/bow died/covered shoes 11N and hose. From head to toe we do it all! Over 40 gross of 9ss AB flatback Austrians AB! Please note, there is a small pinkish spot under the "number tag"

Measurements: Peplem 9 1/2", shoes 11.  Top - Chest 22.5, chest front 9.5, shoulder to waist 9.5, pants 19" waist, 14" thigh, 24" hips, waist to pants end 27" .

Yes, We did the left side, MOM stoned it all up!

Oh yes, MOM has been buisy!  Three SW and two Dresses to stone but she has done a fine job!

The new styles are here! Do you have yours?

Design By Lisa Taylor, custom made and decorated by The Pageant Place

SHpWcubk.jpg (860945 bytes)SHpWcuFt.jpg (895081 bytes)

Click pics to enlarge thumbnails for detail

Makes for a very pretty dress!

Sweet, delicate, textured and stoned more than the pictures show.  White superstretch jumpsuit with soft pink accents.  Dress style bodice, fully lined and boned.  Zipper back, removable peplum.  Dotted net sleeves with alternating AB stones and small pink pearls. Mostly pointed back, some ab and pink flatbacks, seed beads, all pearls are very very small just added to add some soft color and texture.  Now For Sale  Email

Measurements:  Shoulder to waist 9.5, Armpit to edge of bodice 6.5, crotch to hem 16, shoulder to hem 34, 4" of let down room at waist of pants on the bodice, 1" hem left.  Waist 20, hip bone 21, chest 23.  Peplum measures 25" and is adjustable to allow stretch and adjustment to bodice.  It is 8.5" long.  It is attached with clear small snaps for easy removal.  The bodice is sewn complete and then sewn to pants,  can be worn separately if desired but new zipper/snaps would be needed.

Can we say ruffles!  How sweet can you get, and all the time you thought diamonds were a girls best friend!

Nearly as sweet as it looks and the sweetie wearing it! Hot pink gingham chiffon peplum, sleeves and ruffles. Fully lined top, double layered peplum, jumpsuit with pleated eyelet to set it off.

Need more "modern" we can do that too! Fully lined jumsuit with removable chiffon peplum. Stoned just enough for a very vogue fashionalbe look to help set off the hanging lace cuffs. Majority stoned by MOM. Custom made and decorated by us!

Glitz or none, SW or CW the choice is all yours. BTW- it's a vest so when the it comes off the sleeves stay on the top. Sissy liked it so much she just had to have one so "MOM" wipped it up real quick as she stoned away on these and the dresses! Bloomers for your "low key" or CW events and can use superstretch pants for your "Southern Glitz" types.


Custom Made by The Pageant Place & Design by Toni Overby (Bows by MaryJo)There is more detailing in this outfit than anyone could even care to try to copy! Don't settle for second best, ask for the difference and I promise you WILL SEE the difference. Every yellow and white check that you see on this outfit is stoned with coordinating color stones!Completely lined, piped and sewn in pleated eyelet lace woven with hand painted ribbon. Hand twisted cording intertwines the swirly satin appliqué trim all set with covered buttons. Super full removable peplum. More National Titles than we can even count!

It's all complete except the stoning, which Mom did herself. Will update with new pics as soon as we have them. This adorably FUN SW is sure to catch the eyes of even the hardest judges. Everything to complete the stone pattern started is all nice and neat in the baggies just ready to glue on!

Oh yes, the little ones can go TOTAL GLITZ too! Fox fur and TONS of stones!

I PROMISE, it's pink fur, not neon white like it looks on my screen,lol. Shell and fur is light pink, trims are hot pink.  New pants added not too long ago, stoned up a tad more as well. 

Yes you can still have more gingham and not be a clone! "Check" out this more "glamorous" look with your big chunky stones yet softened up with the sweet look of gingham!

Jacket,'s a top & front closer vest for easy toddler removal and the "big girl look" all wrapped up into that "sassy" personality that is cute as a button!


Oh my stars talk about fitting the personality PERFECT! MULTI Time National Supreme Winner.

Yes we make them simple and adorable also! Not everyone competes at the larger Southern Glitz Nationals so if you need a glitzy yet "toned down" look just ask what we can do! PS- Don't let the picture fool you it is stoned up! And just look what some extra stones and lace can do!

Custom Made by THE PAGEANT PLACE, Design by Toni Overby and a very special THANK YOU to JUDY EZELL! SEVERAL TIME NATIONAL WINNER!

Now this is a Daddy's Little Girl if there ever was one,lol! Fun, pure and simple! No you are not seeing double,lol, we use the jacket for the SS coverup also, lol!

IT'S ALL FOR SALE NOW!!!!  Email See the Consignment SS or SW for details!

Can't wait to see the new look of this one. Mom did an update with COLOR!

Elegant and Spunky!! Fur, pearls, stones, charmouse and superstretch!

Design by Lori Clark


PomPoms, rhinestone banding and ribbon flowers. Red empire waisted jumpsuit with lined bodice and lined bolero long sleeve jacket. Lightly accented with flat red lace just enough to catch the eye of the judges,lol.

Soft & Sweet! BTW lady in GA still owes on this outfit if you see it!

Cute yet inexpensive compared to normal Southern national yet gets the job done!