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By all means don't toss it, update it! Anything from a complete conversion to just a simple little makeover!



Mom sent this shell as you see it above, and we turned it into this below!

PngDrFvAft.jpg (65960 bytes)PngCUaft.jpg (110626 bytes)PngBkaft.jpg (62991 bytes)

Now, I would say that was an update!  Loaded out with stones, new bows, new skirt and WOW look at it now!  This UPDATED SHELL IS NOW FOR SALE! Email posted 10/19/03

Wow, what a few bows and broahc stones can do! Sheer ribbon gathered and glued around sleeves and waistlines to help lengthen to squeeze a couple more wears out of it also. Added bows wtih broach centers and stones all over.

Oh my, a neckline as soft as the child's smile! Does your dress set off your daughters face the way the judges SHOULD see it? If not, let us know, the majority of these decorations came off her old dress. We made a complete new shell, stripped the old dress, made a few more decorations, a total new design and WHALAM! But watch out West Coat, surprises are in store for this dress real soon!

WOW! Look what a few extra stones can do!

Adorable shell by Rebecca Powell, then we spruced it up a tad! Isn't it amazing what a little bit of trim, a bustle, lots of ribbon, and big bows can do for an outfit! Don't forget the accessories - hair bows, shoes, ect!

Peplum/skirt & swimsuit Custom Made by the Pageant Place to update this once before used jacket into a NATIONAL WINNING SWIMWEAR! Not sure who to credit for the top of jacket, lol, Decorated by Toni!


From a Tank Dress to shorts and a skrit to help "shape" her up some.

Just a few extra stones, some banding, a couple little extras!

From Oh no, it just doesnt' fit, to WOW, thanks!  Too good of a deal to pass up! Just needed a tad of sprucing up, new pair of boots and kind of rearrange a few appliqués.

My model is getting used to this,lol...

Ok, here we have an off the rack look of a simple casual wear

To this Adorable Fully Customized Casual Wear/Non glitz SW

No those aren't our clothes but they are our BOWS!  Just need that something extra, add a couple bows and some colored stones for a more custom look!

From this Loaded out style

to This loaded out style with a bit of sweetness.

In addition to the rosettes and extra stones, a portrait colar was added as well as a few larger satin flowers to help become more age appropriate.

A few stones and a new skirt can make all the differnece in the world!

But Don't throw out the old skirt...look what we did with it!

A new halter top and we have a Crowning Dress

And look what we can do with old appliques,lol! Yep, a few extra clusters, some ribbon and a new shell and we get a brand new look!

From Dress

To Spostwear!